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Keerthi Abe of SewEasy Pvt. Ltd.is hired to "automate" the industrial engineering (IE, work-study) functions of Ready Made Garment manufacturing. Our SewEasy® Quick Garment Sewing Data system is used for estimating the Standard Minute Value (SMV, SAM), a measure of labour content of garments, home furnishing, lingerie, leather goods and all sewn products.

Where there is no "Standard" (SMV) there can be no Kaizen
- Taiichi Ohno

Manchester University Nominated. Wal-Mart Buying Office's Choice

In 2013 the University of Manchester, UK nominated SewEasy, General Sewing Data (GSD) and MODAPTS; all MTM based apparel labor costing systems for transparent and consistent sewing room planning.

Wal-Mart Buying Office switched to SewEasy for SMV (SAM) estimation to achieve transparent labour cost benchmarks in their George Lean Program in 2013. At Wal-Mart the George@ASDA Costing Engineers are especially impressed by the speed of estimation using SewEasy Quick Garment Sewing Data.

Over 20 years. One style at a time

Our company, Sew Easy Pvt. Ltd is number one in implementing modern, professional, simplified and quick Industrial Engineering (IE) systems around the globe, operating for 20 years.

What is unique about our IE approach is that, SewEasy® Quick Garment Sewing Data system can be commissioned within days to bring harmony to the production and quality teams. Local SME using few lock stitch machines or global mega manufacturer benefit alike as seen in testimonials.



H&M and leading Apparel Buyers

Top consumer brand owners such as H&M, M&S, GAP, leading buying houses as well as compliance oriented manufacturers recommend IE for raising productivity, performance and profits.

The dynamic manufacturers could use IE to increase supply chain flexibility, product development and innovation to stay competitive in the 21st century. Use Manchester University's nominee, the SewEasy Quick Garment Sewing Data to realize your passion in training and skill development

Free On-Site Training. Web Based System

Our free on-site training coupled with 365 days of progress monitoring and continuous focus on developing skills, stimulate factory workforce to apply their best effort towards the factory overhead cost reduction. Managing the efficiencies of the competing teams is easy and fun.

Web based SewEasy solution armed with best available Industrial Engineering and Lean Sewing know-how, do your tedious mathematical work automatically. Such professionally run factories are valued by leading Buying Offices and investors alike.


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Visibility and Quality

The SewEasy® Quick Garment Sewing Data system would help increase productivity, performance and profits of garment exporters' through visible and simplified planning, production and quality performance indicators.

Evaluate Needs

Typically we begin automating the industrial engineering function by conducting an on-site diagnostic survey. Subsequently we evaluate needs of your organization which will be followed by skilful IE implementation.

Quick Line Balancing

Efficient sewing machine operators, sewing lines and work-cells are built up on "operation" SMV (SAM), line balancing, the skilled supervisors and managers working towards factory goals, that guarantee low absenteeism during style change overs and reduced labour turn over.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and cater to your requirements. Please tell your colleagues and friends about us and be our friend on social networks. twitter  facebook linkedin rss

Need labour costing platform to pursue Lean in supplier factories? Look no further!

SewEasy is a very powerful Lean solution designed with Toyota Sewing Engineering concepts to suit the buyer as well as the manufacturer to maintain a single communication channel across fashion designer, merchant, production manager and sewing machinist. Wal-Mart has already switched to SewEasy in year 2013.

Why choose us?

  • Unbeatable Price - Among the three nominees GSD, UK and MODAPTS, USA are prohibitively expensive to Asian apparel manufacturers due to high training and retention cost of practitioners. SewEasy is competitively priced.
  • Free On-site SewEasy Training - Facilitate fastest team improvements by self identified skills and abilities. This is emphasized in all testimonials given by customers
  • Nominated - Manchester University searched Sustainable labour costing solutions and found us, GSD & MODAPTS; all based on MTM
  • Experienced - We have been in productivity for the last 30 years and in apparel, shoes and leather for the last 20 years
  • Transparent - Anyone can audit; no need of MTM2 license UN-fragmented- Our technology suits the designer, buying office, factory management and worker alike.
  • Lean - Easy and worker friendly, bottleneck elimination system
  • Quick - Start Design or sample analysis, improve, record best method and document standard operating procedure (SOP) all within the same day!
  • Plan - Use the SMV (SAM) now to schedule and deliver goods on time
  • Quality - First time, save money, Pick-up, Disposal, Tool use, all accurately recorded
  • Excel - Microsoft export saves lot of time, eliminate duplication
  • KPIs - Factory Efficiency, Line Workers Target, Best Line, Best Worker
  • Motivational - Workers Incentive
  • Ergonomics - Health and safety through best method Seating, lighting, comfort
  • Image - Enhance factory reputation valued by leading buyers and modern consumers


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You will focus on key aspects of sewing from day one.

  • Estimate, Actual SMV (SAM)
  • Standard Labor Cost
  • Easily Balance Line
  • Incentive Rationale
  • Minimize repetitive Time, Capacity and Production studies
  • First Time Quality

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We specialize in focusing on following key training aspects.

  • Quick Sewing Training
  • Train in one day to achieve the "Target"
  • Toyota Training Methods
  • Train using British methods

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Our speciality is in focusing on following key aspects.

  • Sustainable Labor Cost
  • Managed Capacity
  • Skill Development
  • Industrial Harmony
  • Select what to fix &

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Meet competitive demands, focus on key result areas.

  • Efficiency Managed
  • Lean orientation
  • Benefit from IE Work-study
  • Setup and Changeover
  • Skill Training
  • KPI measurement

Users Reviews:

We have been using SewEasy® since 1995, compares well with any other system, and readily recommend.


Mr. Tony Nadaraja, CEO

Walt-Mart already switched to SewEasy in 2013.

Switch to Lean 'SewEasy' Now!

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