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SewEasy Pvt. Ltd. based in Colombo, Sri Lanka is serving SME manufacturers who would benefit from productivity improvement and cost reduction. We specialize in using the lean manufacturing orientation, to setting competitive direction for enterprises based in Asia, Europe and Oceania. We implement PDA and PC based solutions, with simplest of worksheets to assist manufacturers. On-site diagnostics, strategize, action planning and quick rollout are some of our core skills in SME sectors of emerging economies.

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SewEasy® was recognized as Asia’s number one provider of work study system for garment production since 1996. The production, quality and value engineering benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators set in motion by us serve many factories across continents for decades. Our customers’ feel that SewEasy® is the worlds friendliest and the fastest work study system that can be implemented within days. We consistently produce fast results, which amaze discerning customers. See the ‘TESTIMONY’ tab above for more information on what our customers find valuable to them. Many garment producers and donors repeatedly chose us, since ours is the most affordable and proven work study system for apparel….. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Download details of SewEasy® systems, which could improve quality & productivity of garment production process when skilfully implemented. Please tell your colleagues and friends about us, using this Tell a Friend link

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We specialize in focusing on following key aspects of the sewing room.

  • productivity improvement
  • line balancing
  • cost estimating
  • incentive systems &

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Our speciality is in focusing on following key quality assurance aspects.

  • general systems
  • buyer AQL levels
  • preventive SPC charts
  • cost of quality &

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Focusing on productivity improvement traditionally started with these.

  • stopwatch studies
  • add allowances
  • summarize data
  • select what to fix &

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Today the competition demands us to focus on most related areas.

  • KPI measurement
  • job analysis
  • job description
  • team building &

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    Why did Ted Kennedy have to emphasis such a simple fact? Have the “factory robots or office software” taken over labour intensive wok at bottom of the pyramid? https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/dolhonors  

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