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Synchronising Work or Line Balancing in garment production

Since the 1930s, time and motion studies have been the traditional method of setting piecework rates and/or costing of production. Time studies are a time consuming function that still requires an engineer, using a stopwatch attached to a clipboard.Operations are manually timed and a pencil is used to record timings of work elements. After the study is completed the Engineer must take everything back to his or her office and laboriously proceed to do a multitude of averaging, summarizing and applying allowance factors to establish the SMV based on these timings. And then there is the error factor. Manual calculations are prone to error. To be prudent, the engineer must then double-check all of his or her calculations to be sure that most errors are identified. Many errors still will slip through. Predetermined Motion Time Study [PMTS] is the accepted method for determining the work content and labor cost. PMTS allow manufacturers to quickly find out the work content. The rest of the planning process is simple arithmetic.

When the SewEasy® system is skilfully applied, it facilitates timely Sewing Line Balancing, and Production Planning & Scheduling processes. Individuals with lesser experience can be used effectively in producing accurate and timely information needed in garment production. This is evident by many Si Lankan, Indian, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Fijian analyst using SewEasy to standardize the apparel sewing.

The SewEasy® system could be used to train Industrial Engineers and Analysts within days. You can see customers’ appreciation of ease of training under the Testimonials tab above.

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